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(Varanasi, India)

City Description

Varanasi, the City of God of India, is additionally proverbial by the name of Kashi and Banaras. Kashi, town of Moksha for Hindus since centuries, is understood for its fine-quality silks, 'paan' and Benares Hindu University and Avimukta of the traditional days; Varanasi is that the most well liked pilgrim's journey purpose for the Hindus. One in every of the seven holiest cities, Varanasi town is additionally one the Shakti Peethas and one in every of the twelve Jyotir Linga sites in Bharat.

According to the Hindu mythology, Varanasi liberates soul from flesh to the final word. Itís the Ganga Ghats of Varanasi that complement the idea of divinity. Ghats of Ganga are maybe the holiest spots of Varanasi. There are quite one hundred Ghats beside Ganga in Varanasi.

Varanasi is that the oldest town of the planet.The Ganga Ghats (river front) is the foremost fashionable pilgrimís journey spot of Varanasi and is centers of music and learning. Other fashionable pilgrim's journey route is Nagara Pradakshina that covers lexis shrines on the approach. Since yesteryear Varanasi could be a nice center of learning. The City of God has been an emblem of spiritualism, philosophy and mysticism for thousands of years and has created nice saints and personalities like Guatama Buddha, Mahavira, Kabir, Shankaracharaya, Ramanuja and Patanjali.

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