Services Offered to Corpoate Partners

Ever wondered what can we do for you? We offer a variety of high quality services for each of our Corporate Connect partner. Contact PreferTrip Corporate Connect Team for site demo or further details.

  • Exclusive Room Rates/Other facilities

    Exclusive corporate rates for hotels online across multiple hotels across PAN India. Receive complimentary services like pickup and drop off, discount on laundry, taxi service, tours etc.

  • Flexible Pay Options

    Partner Corporates with get have convenient and flexible payment options like Pay At hotel / Pay By Credit/Debit Card / Paypal / BTC (Bill to Company).

  • Get Cashback or rewards with each bookings

    PreferTrip will give complimentary night stay with every 8 bookings or fixed amount back as cashback with every bookings. This can be shared as a perk or added benefit to employees

  • 360 Feedback

    Faster ROI ;obtain direct feedback from clients to improve services

  • Fully Integrated One View Dashboard

    User friendly One-View dashboard to quickly review all your company’s hotel reservations at one place. Generate reports / import all bookings in Excel format.

  • Dedicated Support

    A dedicated staff member for close collaboration

  • Mobile / Desktop / Call for Bookings

    Book at your convenience by using PreferTrip mobile site or call dedicated support to book or book online by logging to

How is different from other OTAs?

Where we are different from other OTAs is that we partner with selected few hotels in each city giving preference to hotels which are generally preferred by corporate. The hotels will be a mix of all stars category along with guest houses and would be spread out geographically in the city based on where the corporate clients generally prefer to be. The hotels that are selected will be reviewed every six months based on the corporate feedback.

For any additional details, Contact PreferTrip Corporate Connect Team for site demo or further details.