Eid-ul-fitr – the grandest Muslim festival!

India is a country which is known for its diversity in religion, custom and cultures. It is a home for millions and except for rare occasions of unrest, these millions thrive harmoniously. With the increase of communication and globalization, mixing of culture has increased exponentially. India with its immense diversity has also experienced the changes […]

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Shimla Summer festival – a treat to every visitor!

Holidays are what we look forward to every summer especially if you are living in the plains. The hills are our favorite destinations to escape the extreme and ever rising heat of the plains. India is a home to a number of beautiful hill stations. The Himalayan and shivalik ranges cradle a number of spectacular […]

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Global Celebrations: Festivals in the Month of June

If you live anywhere in the tropical or the temperate regions of the world, chances are that you will love the month of June, not just because of the less warm climate and the rains that bring relief from the stifling heat, but also because of the myriad of festivals and happy occasions that it […]

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Your dream honeymoon destinations in Asia!

Marriage is a very exciting and interesting phase of life. You have expectations from each other and want to fulfill them for each other as well. The most exhilarating event that newly-wed couples look forward to is the honeymoon. This is the first time you travel alone with your partner and discover each other in […]

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Buddhism and You: Bhutan

Buddhism is considered the fourth largest religion in the world, with almost 6 percentage of the total world’s population following this religion. Bhutan happens to be the fourth country with the largest number of people adhering to the religion of Buddhism. Therefore, you can expect it to have an incredibly rich and interesting history of […]

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