Delhi is indeed the capital city of India. Its prosperous history makes it so. The mosques, monuments and forts symbolizes the Mughal reign in the city.  There are numerous places to visit in Delhi encircling the Old Delhi and New Delhi. The disparity between the former and latter reveals the diversified Indian culture.

The epic city is worth visiting for every age group. The historical sites and heavenly gardens are one of the best places to visit in Delhi.

Red fort –

Red Fort Delhi, India

The most significant monument depicting the adroitness of the Mughal architecture is the Red Fort. The 2 KM long walls of Red Fort were built to safeguard the fort from intruders. The fort was built in the year 1638.  In spite of the long walls the Sikhs and the British succeeded to reach the fort and conquer the Mughals.

Jama Masjid-

Jama Masjid Delhi India

The largest mosque of India is a gem for the Muslim culture. Around 25,000 disciples can offer prayer at a time in the courtyard of the mosque. A fatiguing climb to its tower in the south will occupy your eye canopy by lending you an incredible view of the rooftops in Delhi and is one of the best places to visit in Delhi.

The Tomb of Humayun-

The Tomb of Humayun Delhi India

The tomb of Humayun resembles the TajMahal in its architectural frame work. This historical tomb was built in the year 1570. The body of the great Mughal ruler is graved inside the tomb. The lush gardens around the tomb please your eyes by its alluring landscapes which makes it a must place to visit among the places to visit in Delhi.

The Lodi Gardens

Lodi Garden Delhi India

Relax your body and soul in the lap of serene nature away from the hustling city life. The exquisite gardens are the example of the British creations built out in the year 1936. The gardens are the one of the places to visit places in Delhi which is infamous among the joggers and people practising Yoga.

Qutab Minar 

Qutab Minar at Night Delhi India

The longest minaret of the country will take you back to the Mughal era. The reason of constructing this tallest brick pillar remains unravelled till now. But the common belief among the masses is the minaret signifies the Mughal triumph and their dominance in the capital city. The perplexing carvings showcase the verses from the pious Quran.

This richness of Mughal culture and architecture is unveiled by these historical monuments. Take your flight of fancy back to the Mughal era and are one of the best places to visit in Delhi.

 The historical delicacy does not end up on the Mughal architecture. 

Gandhi Smriti 

Gandhi Smriti Delhi India

This spot marks for the exact location where the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated inhumanly. The prayer ground surrounding the spot is meant for the assembly of masses to offer prayer.

Bahai or the Lotus Temple 

Bahai or the Lotus Temple Delhi India

The temple of the lotus shape is one of major attraction among the places to visit in Delhi. The temple is carved out of white marble which makes it an elegant artistry.


So don’t miss it out relish in the capital city of historical importance and enticing gardens.